intel i386 Dx For Sale




intel i386 Dx For Sale

intel i386 Dx The intel i386 Dx rumored as 80486 is a CPU produced by Intel that was introduced in 1992. The i486DX2 was nearly identical to the i486DX, but it had additional clock multiplier circuitry. The successor to the 80386 processor, Intel 80486 (i486) included many changes to its microarchitecture that resulted in significant performance improvements:

intel i386 Dx

The Intel 80486, also known as the i486 or 486, is a higher performance follow-up to the Intel … Intel i486 dx2 66mhz 2007 03 27.jpg. i486DX2 (P24), 40/20, …

Co-processor‎: ‎Intel 80487SX
Min. feature size‎: ‎1 µm to 0.6 µm
Max. CPU clock rate‎: ‎16 MHz to 100 MHz
FSB speeds‎: ‎16 MHz to 50 MHz
Max. CPU clock rate 16 MHz to 100 MHz
FSB speeds 16 MHz to 50 MHz
Data width 32 bits[1]
Address width 32 bits[1]
Virtual address width 32 bits (linear); 46 bits (logical)[1]
Architecture and classification
Min. feature size 1 µm to 0.6 µm
Instruction set x86 including x87 (except for “SX” models)
Physical specifications
Co-processor Intel 80487SX
  • PGA (socket 1, 23), 196-pin PQFP, 208-pin SQFP
Predecessor Intel 80386
Successor Pentium (P5)

A 50 MHz 80486 executes around 40 million instructions per second on average and is able to reach 50 MIPS peak performance. Approximately twice as fast as the 80386 or 80286 per clock cycle, thanks to its five stage pipeline with all stages bound to a single cycle. The on chip enhanced FPU unit was also significantly faster than the 80387 per cycle.