Clean Trimmed Gold Fingers For Sale


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Clean Trimmed Gold Fingers For Sale

Clean trimmed Gold Fingers are the little gold strips that are cut from Gold Finger Cards and/or Gold RAM. They must be trimmed all the way to the gold with a minimal amount of fiber board showing.
Clean trimmed Gold Fingers

Clean Gold Fingers
Used Computer CPUs removed from a variety of machines and sorted into batches of Ceramic or Plastic casing .
They include Intel Pentium I,II,III, IV , Celeron , Celron D , Xeon and various others makes such as AMD Athlon and Opteron.
We can also source top grade CPus for refining such as the IBM Cyrix and Pentium Pro Chips.
We have no problem in supplying a mixed container of any of our products . Clean Gold Fingers
Our production of Scrap CPU depend of the specific items and qualities product of items . We are so glad with the quality of product we offer to our customers worldwide . The warranty for our CPU is 2 years . For any information regarding CPU to confirm our statement .

Do not hesitate to leave your email address or mobile phone for us to give you the information that you need on time . These are processors CPU’s removed fom various systems and sorted into Lots of Ceramic.

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