8086 gold cap with gold legs ic for sale


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Gold Cap Gold Leg 8086 IC
Sold in pallet boxes in bulk, mixed
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8086 gold cap with gold legs ic for sale

8086 gold cap with gold legs ic
Various ceramic computer chips from the 1980s that have Gold pins and lids … which required them to have heavier gold-plated caps (lids) and leads / pins … 8086 & 8088 CPU’s, as well as any early 1960’s and 70’s integrated circuits and 8086 gold cap with gold legs ic
he better i8088 MBL8086 Fujitsu GOLD PLATED ceramic TM of INTEL PC XT comp … WHITE CERAMIC GOLD CAP AND GOLD PINS  Weighing in at 1 pound and 5.9 ounces there appears to be an extremely fair amount of e-nugget to be recovered here by the niche refiner. Their beakers should overflow with golden goodness from this lot. These old chips have a very good gold to surface ratio as 8086 gold cap with gold legs ic
8086 gold cap with gold legs ic
the chips are small and the coatings were generous back when these were made. Sold as is for scrap gold CPU processor recovery.
have bent pins
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For Sale: CPUs, Scrap CPU’s, Processors, Reuse or Mineral Recovery
These are mixed CPU Processors, ic chips, gold chips
Mixed Consists ***

8086 gold cap with gold legs ic for sale

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1Kg, 1 tone